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this ones for you Rob!

February 26, 2013 in Aviation

1/48 revell f/a 18e super hornet.
just to cheer up rob.

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10 responses to this ones for you Rob!

  1. Beautiful build, I never worked on anything so fast. My whole career was spent in slow round nosed aircraft with windshield wipers! The S-3 was probably the fastest I suppose. Anyway very nice build!

  2. Yes I served in VS-38 and VS 41. Combat cruise in VS 38 during Iraqi Freedom.

  3. Thanks it was definitely a model builders dream, and mostly a lot of fun.

  4. Excellent job on the finish, weathering and detail….those wheel wells look awesome!

    • thanx, this was actually a nice detailed kit for a standard revell ( not the revell of germany kit) good fit, no flash, nice recessed panel lines, and cheap! got it for $20. still need to arm it!

  5. Yes the wells do look great and Jeff I served in VAW 124, 120 & 115, VS 38 & 41, VRC 30 Det 3, and HSC 21. Carriers I deployed on for cruises were: USS Nimitz, USS Theodore Roosevelt, USS Abraham Lincoln, USS Independence, and USS Constellation. I did shorter detachments while in the 2 RAG squadrons (VAW 120 and VS 41) aboard USS Eisenhower, USS Ronald Reagan & USS John C Stennis. I think that is all, I lose track now and again!

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