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1/48 Hobby Craft F8F Bearcat Blue Angels

March 15, 2013 in Aviation

Since I posted a Thunderbirds picture I thought it might be fitting to post some Blue Angels. This is the 1/48 Hobby Craft Bearcat straight from the box. No added aftermarket. Nice little kit, but could use some more detail. I painted it with Testors rattle can Dark Sea Blue then hit it with about 2 coats of gloss after the decals dried.

This is also one of the kits that my grandson damaged in his rampage into my display case. He broke off the landing gear and the propeller and canopy. I have since repaired it and put it back in the display case. Of course now the prop does not spin, but that is ok, I don’t intend on playing with it…..much….

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  1. Sounds as if your grandson and my cats would get along famously. Some guys have to deal with the carpet monster and others have they’re own ‘demons’ with which to contend. lol

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