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A bipe for those who fear rigging… though as far from ‘shake ‘n’ bake as it gets…

March 20, 2013 in Aviation

… while I’m grateful that this was kitted in 1/48 at all, there are some horrendous fit issues with this bugger. Before attempting, please stock up on files, putty, sandpaper, patience and your most powerful favorite beverage.

This is the AmTech boxing which included a decent resin cockpit and the “nekkid” leg castings. There is, however, NO improvement on the primitive original ESCI molds…. be prepared to deal with several sessions of filling, sanding & cussing on the cowling alone. But, hey, there is zero rigging to deal with!

P.S. The astute may notice that I have a problem with misplaced flat spots on tires… a recurring theme….BAD photographer! 😉

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4 responses to A bipe for those who fear rigging… though as far from ‘shake ‘n’ bake as it gets…

  1. Hey Stan, a no orange peel paint job cured all your ills.. seems hard to come by anymore. you can enter that one on the table..

  2. Excellent work. I know whereof you speak about the “excellence” of the kit, but you have definitely transcended it.

  3. Nicely done. I know what you mean about wonky flats. My He 111 has the same problem.

  4. Nice He… Wonky flat spots…. yeah- doncha hate when that happens? 😉

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