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And now for something completely different!

March 1, 2013 in Aviation

Trumpeter 1/72 J10-s In Chinese markings.
Despite it’s elegant form I recently found out that it does’nt really fly too well! Was doing some dusting one day and knocked her off the shelf, needless to say she exploded! Most of the small parts were recovered. The thing that really P’ed me off was the fact that no amount of searching could recover the pilots ejection seat! Like a fart in the wind, it vanished!
The plane was a great build, as I find that most Trumpeter kits are. They produce this one in 1/48 as well so I’ll probably take another whack at it.

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3 responses to And now for something completely different!

  1. You might want to raise the canopy on the next on a bit – the guys would be crawling out from under! 🙂

    Very nice work on this model.

    • This was the best I could do after picking up all the pieces, was actually close to trashing it cause it wasn’t done too well anyway but I really just loved the shape of the plane. Besides the Chinese aren’t exactly known for thier grand stature!

  2. Good job. I have a single seater that I plan to build some day soon (along with about 100 other kits!).

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