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Change of Scenery

March 29, 2013 in Automotive

This is a 1/32nd scale Rolls Royce Sedanca by Pyro molded in 1966. It is from the same time frame as the 1940 Ford posted by Jeff Stewart. It was in a series of 12 cars called “Table Top Classics”. Cost ranged from $.79 to $1.00. Came with rubber tires, chrome plating & clear plastic. It is a multi-piece body.
I built this a couple of years ago. Don’t remember whose blue that is but I know I brushed coated Future as my clear coat.

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3 responses to Change of Scenery

  1. Man that is nice, the 60s was in many ways I think the high point of car modeling, yes today’s kits are better engineered, but so many kits from the 60s are just great!

  2. Nice to a car get up on here and such a beauty too. Nice job Al!

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