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F-105 Thunderchief

This 48th scale Monogram kit has been sittin’ around collectin’ dust for a while now, but I gave her a quick bath to get the top layer off and took a few pics on the bench with a homemade tarmac (sorta). This version represents one of the earlier Thuds in the NMF livery and no armament (save for the external tanks). Having seen one on a few occasions, one doesn’t realize the size of this thing until you find yourself walking under the wing without having to duck. These photos aren’t the best, but I decided to snap off a few under the desk lamp rather than wait for the sun to come up. I have another -105 in SEA camo with a centerline MER, but it’s a “hanger” and it’s right over the litter box and it’s REAL dusty.

14 additional images. Click to enlarge.

10 responses to F-105 Thunderchief

  1. Nice job
    This Monogram kit has engraved or raised panel lines ?

  2. Good looking build. What did you use for the NMF?

  3. Great looking Thud Craig!

  4. Nice work on the “natural metal” (which on the 105 was actually aluminum lacquer, which makes this even more realistic in this case). The Monogram Thud is one of those models that looks good whether one does it OOB or spends a ton of time on bringing all sorts of stuff to the project.

    • Thanks TC….I haven’t done a NMF in a while now (or anything else, for that matter) – I rarely use the airbrush anymore (too much hassle) – with some practice, those Model Master buffable metalizers can give ya a pretty good result if done properly.

  5. Nice lookin Thud Craig, have to get working on the one I have in my stash. Once worked with a Thud driver who flew them in VietNam. Referred to it as the triple threat, “bomb you, strafe you, fall on you”.

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