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Look what I found at our local hobby shop…..

March 2, 2013 in Aviation

Looks like an interesting subject, and not too shabby in the box either!

Freddie from LI

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8 responses to Look what I found at our local hobby shop…..

  1. Yeah saw that last week. There was another virsion, bomber with 2 markings choices, 1942-43. ALMOST bought it, it did look good. New Chinese company? Or a spinoff?

  2. 278 parts sounds pretty decent.

  3. I would DEFINITELY be into that…what was the price?

  4. Not sure if it’s spin-off or not, looks to be a new player from China. Considering the level of detail I see inside the box, I’m thinking the $53 it cost wasn’t so bad. I just wish it WAS the bomber version. I’m going to have to wait and try and get markings for a late war bird because all the choices in the kit are afterwards. There is a Chinese version used during Korea though…

  5. Found it on Lucky Model website for $41.00 and change, including shipping. BG did a box review last July on that “other” website.

  6. I saw this kit at a club meeting a while back. Lots of parts. Reminds me of a Mash-Up between a PV Ventura and a Bristol Brigand. Those Crazy Russians….

  7. I’ve yet to see the Xuntong Model Tu-2 model kit in the flesh, I was rather hoping someone at my local IPMS club meeting would bring one in for a bit of “show & tell”. For the time being I have to rely on the in-box web reviews instead. I’d be very interested to see how this one builds up. No shortage of different schemes, the Polish post war version appeals to me in particular. Incidentally I notice that are already stocking the other bomber variants: Tu-2S & Tu-2VS.

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