My version of a big Japanese girl….

March 7, 2013 in Aviation

J2M3 Raiden, Hasegawa’s new 1/32 effort, done last year. A marvelous kit, a real box-shaker. Built OOB, spent more time on the cockpit “good luck doll’ than the paint job. Looking forward muchly to Hasegawa’s upcoming NIK2 Shiden hopefully later this year.

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10 responses to My version of a big Japanese girl….

  1. she’s just big boned! Looks d–n good Bill, the figure is pretty awesome as well.
    Did the little doll hanging in the cockpit come with the kit? Is it some sorta voodoo doll?

  2. Darned fine model. Excellent finish and lovely ‘pit, and I’m guessing you masked and painted the Hinos as usual.

    OK, RE: the subject… rather short & stubby, but as I understand it, girth is what counts, eh?.

    RE: the doll… was that on, under, or on top of?… I thought Japanese girls were generally on the petit side and too demure to accept the advances of rough & tumble Greek assaults/intrusions.. Oh dear… I must be violating multiple proto-holes…. I mean protocols by now…. We’ll, it’s all your fault… I know how your sick mind werks…

    Oh rats!… I’ve now been banned from the forum and likely my prize rescinded…. Ah well, that’s life when you’re as sick a pup as I….

    • That was quite the comment, nothing like a good laugh before bed, thanx for that Stan…. and dont worry i’ll accept the prize on your behalf.

  3. Nice-lookin’ build, Bill…by the way – any idea why a lot of the Japanese aircraft had those weird colored props?
    And Stan’s treadin’ on some thin ice with those inuendos…pay no attention, Martin…he’s harmless.

  4. Sorry, I’ve had a terrible childhood… 60 years worth so far….

  5. Nice work on a kit that makes it hard to screw up, thus allowing one to concentrate on the finish and detail, as you did.

    Most all Japanese props were brown, Craig – other than the Ki.84, which was a light green.

    You inspire me, Mr. Koppos, to do the new J2M3 Model 31 I have here.

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