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Pro-Modeler Fw190D-11 1/48 scale

March 25, 2013 in Aviation

This is the Pro-Modeler Fw190D-11 built straight from the box. I was planning on using a real cool Eagle Strike decal set on this one but its for a D-9 not the D-11 so I used the kit decals. I chickened out on the red bottom scheme so I went with the other one that was provided with the kit. Not sure what squadron it is. This was a real easy build…went together without a hitch. I really enjoyed this one…I figure, even if it turns out crappy, if I had fun then thats all that matters.

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  1. Don’t fear the red undersides. Just paint the whole thing white, apply some thin fine-line tape, hose it down with RLM 23 and you’re good to go-might be slightly wider than scale, but really close.

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