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Revell 1/16 Gene Snow’s Snowman ’72 Charger Funny Car

March 9, 2013 in Cars & Motorcycles

I just love the old Revell 1/16 scale funny car kits. I remember when this kit came out. I was about 9 years old and being in north Texas we are not too far from Gene Snow’s shop in Ft Worth. Anyway, there was a store kinda like Wal-Mart called Gibson’s…and they had the real car on display in the automotive area with the kits all around it. My dad took me down there and I got to sit in the car. My dad bought the kit and built it for me. Of course being 9 years old I wanted to mess with it and over the years it got destroyed. Several years ago I found one on Ebay and bought it. I built it straight from the box. I love the fact that they give you wires and hoses to wire it up, although they can be a pain in the butt. A friend of mine had a car body shop and painted the body with real automotive paint and about 3 coats of clear after I decaled it. I have built several of these over the years but this one is my favorite because of the memory with my dad.

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7 responses to Revell 1/16 Gene Snow’s Snowman ’72 Charger Funny Car

  1. Chris….Outstanding! Great to see some big boy car toys in the Headline section. Nice paint, beautiful model.

  2. Ah, yes….the memories this evokes. I had them all at one time (and all the 1/25th stuff as well). My NHRA period. All gone now. Nice job on that one, Chris.

  3. Beautiful work on this model.

  4. Thanks for all the great comments….I’m my own worst critic…I think my stuff aint that great but I’m glad ya’ll like it…

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