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Revell 1/48 F/A-18F VFA-103 Jolly Rogers…

March 30, 2013 in Aviation

Well I finally finished my first build of 2013…It took a while but got’er done. Pretty much built straight from the box except I used SuperScale decals. This one will be a great addition to my Jolly Rogers collection…of course its the only one I’ve built so far…I have started a Monogram 1/48 F-14A for VF-84 (The Final Countdown scheme)…I noticed when taking the pictures that the canopy is crooked. I guess I’ll have to fix that…This kit went together with very little complaint. I didnt like the vagueness of the instructions though…I put two fishing weights in the nose so it should stay on the nose gear real well…First time I’ve used my airbrush in almost 1 1/2 years…Now I remember why…I hate clean up time…LOL..I haven’t really decided on the ordinance to put on or I may just leave the wing pylons empty…Now on to the next project..

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3 responses to Revell 1/48 F/A-18F VFA-103 Jolly Rogers…

  1. Looks like it came out pretty good…..I know whatcha mean about the airbrush – it’s been so long for me, that I may have forgotten HOW to clean it, i.e. dis-assembly/re-assembly. I’ve become so dependent on the rattle cans, it’s hard to dig out the airbrush anymore.

  2. Lovely job Chris ,well worth the time you put in,you should definately add the ordinance though,I always think U.S. warbirds look awesome fully loaded-Keep it up.

  3. Well done Chris, I have the 1/72 Revell version of this aircraft in the stash. Hope mine turns out just as good as yours when I build it.

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