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Revell Dornier Do 335 A-5

March 30, 2013 in Aviation

I built this one sometime mid last year. This offering is the Revell Dornier Do 335 Pfeil. I modeled this one as an A-5 variant, which was a single-seat nightfighter. This was built Out Of The Box, and I did not use aftermarket parts. Just what I had in my spares collection. The unique part of this build is that I added “The bunny ears of death”- as my little cousin likes to call them. Actually, they’re 2 upward firing MG 131 heavy MGs. This build took me about a month to build, and this bird was hand painted.

Enjoy the photos.

3 additional images. Click to enlarge

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8 responses to Revell Dornier Do 335 A-5

  1. I’m curious…… where did you find your references? I think your model is great looking and the Arrow is one of my favorites from WWII. However, that is the first time I have seen the “The Bunny ears of death” on that aircraft. I am not an expert on German aircraft and my library on things German is somewhat limited. The camouflage scheme looks pretty unique as well. Do you mind if I ask what were the colors?

    • I got my references from a few sites: wikipedia, ( with those sites, I just filtered out the c**p.)…There were a few others, but those sites were primarily for looking at camo schemes. I also got a few books on the Luftwaffe. One book that I found unusually helpful is ” German Aircraft of World War 2 in Colour”, by Kenneth Munson. gave me the basics, which is all I wanted.

      leave it to the wee ones to give armed weapons cute nicknames…

      Olive Drab with Neutral Grey, with a Flat Black underside.

  2. I got this kit as a gift as a teenager and loved it. You did a great job!

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