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The one that go me HOOKED!

March 4, 2013 in Armor

Hello my name is Jeff Stewart and I am a PLASTIHOLIC!
This was my first model, well since i was a tot. Was watchin the Military channel all day about 3 yrs ago, that same day I was walkin around one of those closeout stores near my home and came across this. The 1/35 Academy M1A1. Painted it with some off brand flat tan spray paint, and “weathered” it with cheap artists acrylics. I know she may not be “headline” worthy. but as the one that started it all she holds a special place in my heart!
3 years later and I’m still chasing that “high”!

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  1. A well-represented rendition of the Abrams IMO….the final color(s) look ‘right’ to me. Nice job.

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