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You gotta love Sundays

March 3, 2013 in Ships

I actually got something done today! Finished sanding, painting, and started weathering the ships hull.

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8 responses to You gotta love Sundays

  1. Now that’s gonna present a display area issue….at least for me it would. What you’ve got there so far looks good (can’t wait to see the end result). So……is that peg board level or what?

  2. Man I am a Navy man! That looks great!

  3. Awesome Jeff – looking forward to lots of pics of the finished article.

  4. Inpuuttt!… more inpuuuttt! U.S.S. Iowa, BB 60, right? what scale?… what manufacturer? How you do such wonderful weathering on the hull?…

    Keine Scheiss Fred, that is looking very nice in deed. And, ya beat me to posing a floaty thing! Can’t wait to see her finished.

  5. Yeah BB60 Alabama, 1/350 Trumpeter kit, As for the weathering just a black wash covering the entire hull, wiped most of it off in a downward stoke, then streaked with burnt sienna. I started a topic in the armada group maybe a week ago with more pics.

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