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You KNOW I gotta throw down on this Wildcat thing…

March 22, 2013 in Aviation

but it’s gonna be 1/32…..Trumpeter’s F4F-3 “early”. Built this one as a Wake Island defender, before there was Silver Wing decals, by patching together available stuff. Engine is wired, gun bays detailed and I had to cast my own smooth-tread tires as Trumpeter provided incorrect treaded, rubber ones in the kit. According to my research number 8 was one of the possible last 2 survivors.

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6 responses to You KNOW I gotta throw down on this Wildcat thing…

  1. Nice work, Bill….I like it.

  2. Another awesome “Koppos Kreation”!!!
    This is one of my favorites of your builds….the whole kit looks fantastic from prop to tail hook. Very nice!!

  3. Man, when you go to town with detailing, some awesome things happen. Exceptionally fine, even for you.

  4. Bill .. I wish my Dad could see this model .. the details remarkable … he once said he was glad to get out of that bird & into Corsairs …having to hand crank up the landing gear was a problem, AND fly properly !!! A model that shows patience, and a finished product worthy of PRIDE !!!

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