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1/48 General Dynamics F-111A Prototype RTD&E #1

April 11, 2013 in Aviation

This is the old Monogram, ex-Aurora, F-111A Swing Wing Fighter kit.

I back dated the kit to represent the first RTD&E aircraft. Backdating the aircraft wasn’t that hard. The major modification is the fuel dump area in between the two engine exhausts.

I replaced the nose wheels with a set of 1/72 F-94C main landing gear wheels. This really dress up the gear over the plain disks Monogram provided. Other than that, this kit was built out of the box. The decals were from the spares box.

There’s just something about the Navy paint scheme on an Air Force Aardvark!

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  1. Great build, Great finish, Great subject, Great photos…Nice!

  2. Very nice and interesting.

  3. absolutely beautiful…i remember the vigilante in that scheme also with the scallops

  4. Beautiful and inspiring!

  5. Thanks for all the kudos!!

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