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Airfix early Spit….

April 7, 2013 in Aviation

When this kit first came out I was happy to get an early model Spit with a two blader, my favorite version. It turned out to be kind of toylike, “soft” looking somehow. I dunno maybe my head is soft. The “straight” canopy lid provided had an armored windscreen these earlybirds did not have so it was rounded out a bit. Anyway when I got it done to this point, glossed and decalled, I decided it looked good to me already, more like a comouflaged ’30’s racer. Therefore it was left alone at this state, shiny and new. Sure is a purty aeroplane.

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2 responses to Airfix early Spit….

  1. Nice one Bill, it surely is early Spit week at 🙂

  2. Nice! Not being a fan of Spitfires at all, but I do like those early Mk,I’s and II’s.

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