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1/32 F-84e

April 9, 2013 in Aviation

Hobby Boss kit built OOB. Zots decals.

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9 responses to 1/32 F-84e

  1. Love the stripes. Great job

  2. Marvelous! Did you mask the various stripes or are those decals?

    • Those are decals. This is for the airplane flown by Robert L. Scott, when CO of 36th FBW in Germany circa 1951, the airplane he used for the circumnavigation of Africa – the first by a jet.

  3. Rob…… Very pretty model. Nice scheme and bare metal finish.

  4. Thank!, the blue and black stripes were decal. That said I had to do some touch up to make everything work. Floquil railroad colors conrail blue is a dead on match for the lighter blue stripes.

  5. Very nicely done….a colorful bird indeed. I like it (I can see a lot of work went into this build).

  6. Well done Rob,
    I didn’t even know Hobby Boss made a 1/32 Scale F-84, looks terrific.

  7. Rob,
    You really captured this scheme. A compliment to Scott. I have one of these going in 1/48 and it will be in the same scheme. Yours is stunning.

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