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Happy Anniversary (Sort Of)

April 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

Today marks the 26th anniversary of my 25th birthday. Its a banner year as far as the loot is concerned, it is only 2:00 p.m. and this is what I have received so far. Ahh, its good to be king.

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14 responses to Happy Anniversary (Sort Of)

  1. Quite a haul, my Irish friend…I’m turnin’ GREEN with envy.

  2. Man, you made out like a Chinese Bandit Seamus! Enjoy the day, and the nice gifts too of course! At 51, I’d say you’ve earned them mate. And, yes, it IS good to be King isn’t it? 🙂

  3. Thanks for the well wishes, lads. I wish I could show you what my spouse gave me for my birthday, but obscenity laws prevent me from doing so.

  4. I don’t really see why you posted a picture of your birthday presents-this isn’t facebook.

    • ‘Cuz its my party and I’ll post if I want to.

      • Maybe Neil thinks your post should’ve been under one of the “Groups” forums rather than using “Headline” space. Just a thought.

        • My previous comment was made after an evening in the pub,praps not the best time to be posting comments so sorry for being a tad blunt,but I do think we should stick to the subject a bit closer thats all.

          • Nothing to apologize for Neil. I have had many “after an evening in the pubs” myself and I know how I can get. Maybe this was not the place to post this, I guess I just got caught up in the excitement of the moment and did not think my actions through. Still, I would be interested to see what other imodelers get for their birthdays. It would also give me a chance to wish them many happy returns. Nice bike, by the way.

          • Sorted, bike is a jap import Yam SR400 Kaff racered by yours truly, other bike is Suzuki SV 650 s ,110plus on the way to work really shakes out the cobwebs!!

  5. Ah, the luck of the Irish 🙂 Many happy returns Seamus. Judging from the gifts your friends and family know you well!! Enjoy.

  6. You still get kits for birthday? I never get any and I suspect that my wife has struck a deal with Santa as well since I never get any for Christmas either 🙂 !

    Happy birthday!


  7. man…you are loved and respected

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