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April 8, 2013 in Armor

Built this one about ten or so years ago. As always, I started out with the intention of a quick build but the next thing you know, it just got away from me. The trailer is an old Italeri piece that had been sitting in a spares box since the 1970s. All I could salvage of it was the bucket and fenders, everything else was scratch-built with the wheels being sourced from I cannot remember where. I turned the “Jeep” into a U.S. recon version. Shaped the front fender guards with an old curling iron that I got at a garage sale for a dollar. It is a great tool for rounding out plastic card. For some odd reason, the Tamiya Jeep does not come with the “T” latches for the hood and windscreen. I scratch-built about 30 before I got four that I was satisfied with. Tried my hand at separate 50 cal links from Mission Models. Adds a nice touch but never again! Figures are Verlinden and M&K. with the driver being the figure from the kit. It was a five month ordeal, but well worth it.

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7 responses to Jeepers!

  1. Damn….you’re good!! Your attention to detail is astounding..!! Great work, Seamus….outstanding job! Oughta be a contender this month for sure.

  2. Very nice, simple, tells a story and looks great!

  3. Seamus…Outstanding, just outstanding.

  4. Great details. Rich colors.

  5. you make verlinden look like a piker

  6. Yeah, and I did it using one of his resin bases!

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