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“Mary Nell”… P-51D…1st Lt. William A. Taylor POW…Italy

April 14, 2013 in Aviation

hasegawa 1/48…eagle strike 48092…

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18 responses to “Mary Nell”… P-51D…1st Lt. William A. Taylor POW…Italy

  1. That’s definitely a stunner!
    Well done

  2. I knew Bill Taylor for many years. His son, Roy, was my
    best friend in the 6th Grade in Irving Texas in the mid-sixties.
    Mary Nell was Mrs. Taylor.
    Bill was an executive with Texaco, & the family moved to Belgium in
    1966. Later returned to Arlington Texas. Last saw Bill & Mary around
    1977, If memory serves.
    I have Bill Taylor’s pilot’s wings.

    • that is phenomenal mike…what a wonderful story…and terrific that you have his wings…what a privilege…he must have thought a lot of you thank you for the wonderful post

      • Ah Roy gave me his wings…He, his brother Bill Jr., & sister Mary
        thought all that war stuff was boring. I think me & my brother were the only ones who ever asked him about any of it.
        I remember Mr. Taylor hated P-47s primarily because he had engine failure during a takeoff in one, got his sleeve caught in the throttle, & barely got out in time.
        Once told me he chased a Me-109 into a terminal dive, that almost got him too.
        Roy showed me the clippings from the Dallas Morning News (I think) about his capture. They were shooting up a German airfield in Southern Germany near the Alps, & he got hit by AAA. The SS captured him & beat him badly before the Luftwaffe showed up, & stopped it.
        Anyway, to give you an idea how long ago that was, Jonny Quest was on prime-time TV, & the 6th Grade set never missed it.
        I have the Eagle Strike sheet too, but just haven’t gotten around to the build….despite Tom Cleaver’s urging.

  3. Oh, & a really nice build, Bob!
    Alclads, I take it?

  4. Nice to see someone building the Hasegawa P-51. That kit is definitely underated. Wheel wells are a bit shallow so it makes perfect sense to leave the inner gear doors in the up position. Very clean and sharp build. Keep up the good work

  5. That’s a beauty Bob! Wow. She looks great from any angle.

  6. Mary Nell was my mothers’s cousin and we grew up looking up to Uncle Harold (how he got Harold I don’t know) because his “Mary Nell” was one of the decal options for the 1/72 MPC kit that was in stores in 1970s. I told Mary Nell a couple of years ago shortly before she passed that I was going to get a model of her plane done soon, and just got the 1/72 decals in today.
    Beautiful build! I’ll be studying it.

  7. thank you mike…read mike presseleys comments above

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