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Moson Model Show 2013 in pictures, part 2

April 20, 2013 in Show Reports

Here is another selection of spectacular 1/72 aircraft models on display at the Moson Model Show today.

All parts of this photo series can be found in our archives under the Moson tag.

Note from the Editor: If you were participating in the Moson show and recognize your model in this collection, please consider joining iModeler and sharing more about it!

20 additional images. Click to enlarge

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8 responses to Moson Model Show 2013 in pictures, part 2

  1. No way the Do-217 is in 1/72!

  2. I was there as the webmaster’s sidekick and I promise you: it IS 1/72! And it is MAGNIFICENT! I can’t tell which kit it is though, the model specification was lodged beneath the baseplate. If it is the Italeri-kit, the only one I know off, it is even more impressive.

    Regards Magnus

    • Istvan,
      great to learn the name of the builder. Also to my eyes your Do was a Magnum Opus of the show in 1/72 scale, and that against a completely murderous competition. Can’t imagine how you achieve this level of workmanship! We’d all love to see more of your work soon.

  3. A beautiful line up of 1/72nd scale replicas there, and that Do-217 definitely commands the floor- it is just beautiful!

  4. It is the 1:72nd scale Italeri kit and I’m the modeler of the Do217.
    Thanks guys for the kind words. 🙂

    • Peter,
      Apologies for the confusion. Being in Hungary, I should have guessed that your work would be on the tables. Now that I know that the Dornier was yours, I can only reiterate – it was jaw dropping! Hope to have a chance to meet you in person next time.
      Regards /Martin

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