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Tamiya 1/35th PBR

April 16, 2013 in Ships

Manufactured by a Seattle-based company called Modutec, it was specifically designed as a Patrol Boat, River (Pibber) for the armed forces during the Vietnam conflict. Powered by two V-6 engines and propelled via “water-jet”, it used only 2 feet of draft.
This was a relatively easy build as ships go, and despite not being a “ship guy”, it took me less than a week to complete.
I really suck at figure painting, so the four-man crew is on shore leave.

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19 responses to Tamiya 1/35th PBR

  1. Haven’t we seen this one in the box only a week ago? Very clean build and nicely finished. I admire your building pace.

  2. Thanks…once I get started on something, I like to finish it and not start something else and go back and forth between kits. Some folks have 3 or 4 (or more) goin’ on at the same time. I don’t have the room nor the inclination to follow such a regimen. One day I might do the crew figures – (if I have absolutely nothing left on the bench) – figure painting is not my forte.

  3. Here’s a change of pace & a fast one at that..
    Well done.

  4. Craig , Nice work , i am one of those crazy guys with 7 models in the table , crazy right ! . i want to build a 1/350 carrier and see how it goes. but for now i need to finish all those project first.

  5. Craig, Nice build of a cool subject. I have no idea how guys like you and Tom Cleaver manage to build stuff so quick. I’m another of those crazies with a million different things going at once…

  6. I’m reminded of the movie “Apocalypse Now” when I look at it. I believe this is what was used to get up river in the movie to find the renegade soldier Col. Kirts.

  7. Thank you one and all for your kind words of encouragement.

  8. I’ll jump on this bandwagon, looks great! Glad you’re back in the game, keep it up.

  9. Great build Craig – love the weathered effect on the “roof” of your boat. Nice paint job with the drybrushing on the guns etc.

  10. love the canvas top and the twin 50’s…by the way where did you get the little tire bumpers…i need some for a tug i’m building

    • They were included with the kit. You could probably post a ‘plea’ on one of the forums. I’m sure a lot of the “car guys” have a bunch of ’em. I’m sure someone would send ya a few. Worth a shot.

      • Even if they’re not the “right” scale, who knows where tugboats would get tires? They could be from rigs on construction sites or sumthin’ – besides, wouldn’t tugs WANT big tires?
        You always ask Tamiya for the tire sprue from that kit (6).

  11. Craig….Is there some special significance to the way you have shown the flag? I don’t ever recall seeing it flown in that manner, or are you just testing us?

    • Oh yeah… I see what you mean – I screwed up. I had to cut apart 4 different sides of paper flags and glue ’em together (dunno why they had two of ’em). I grabbed the wrong side – didn’t even notice it. Good catch, Jack.

  12. I just think of Martin Sheen riding up river in “Apocalypse Now” when ever I see one of these boats.

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