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Tamiya 1/35th scale “Pibber”

April 12, 2013 in Ships

Patrol Boat, River (PBR)…I ordered this kit a couple weeks ago from Scalehobbyist. I like to do the occasional “floaty thing” and this looked to be a fairly easy build. I was a little surprised (although I shouldn’t have been) when I opened the box and realized this was a pretty good-sized kit. The hull must be about 9-10″ long. It’s got lots of extra ‘goodies’ with it, including small, medium and large bore weaponry (along with ample crew to man ’em). I think I’m gonna be likin’ this when I finally start buildin’ it here shortly.
This isn’t really a kit review, per se, (there is no Kit Review group), but I just thought the boat was kinda neat and figured I’d share the contents with ya.

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3 responses to Tamiya 1/35th scale “Pibber”

  1. It’s a pretty nice kit with just a couple of minor errors.
    The most notable are the lack of scuppers on either side just forward of the house and on the extreme bow.
    Send me a PM, I have a pretty good set of drawings for it.

  2. I remember a built one of these in a diplay case at a hobby shop I used to patronize quite often before it went under. Not being a ship modeler, I could not say if it was accurate or not, still it looked really good for having been built out of the box. Good luck with it Craig.

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