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Testors 1/48 Spad 13C.1

April 2, 2013 in Aviation

So this was my first bi-plane, and in my opinion it has come out absolutely horrid (Mainly because of the decals). I probably could have prevented this because I didn’t have the patience to wait for the decals to completely dry on the plane before I applied a clear coat, but oh well it was only a 5$ model haha!

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2 responses to Testors 1/48 Spad 13C.1

  1. They used to be 29 cents when they first came out in 1951 (no, don’t ask me how I know).

    You might want to try the old Testors Nieuport (from the same era, when they were Hawk kits), which was the first biplane I every built. Without the internet (how did we live?) to have people tell me how hard biplanes were, I just built it. Monogram picked up the old Aurora (same era) Fokker D.VII, that might be a good one for you to try since there is no rigging and the kit doesn’t look half bad (almost half good) when finished.

    • I never realized how big of a pain it would be to get the stacked wings in line, I didn’t remember from when I was little when my dad and I built a wright flyer that we half way finished haha! I’ll look into those kits though!

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