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The Admiral’s “Hack”

April 9, 2013 in Aviation

I wanted to do something a little different than most other Revell Venturas I’ve been seeing, so I thought “outside the box”, as it were, and came up with this: not really a “civilianized” Ventura, although all armament has been removed, but more of a ‘private plane’ for the rear echelon brass to get from place to place in comfort (sort of).
Everything (and I mean everything), fit like a glove. I was pleasantly surprised – always had this ‘thing’ for Revell and thought they were below standards – not any more. I was able to close up the gear and the bomb bay without much difficulty at all (sometimes when a kit is designed “dirty”, it’s hard to ‘clean up’, know what I mean?) – but….a perfect fit.
The only thing I added were the external fuel tanks (ya never know where the brass hats wanna go). None of the kit decals were used – all spares. There was no need to worry about any weathering other than the exhaust stains….the brass like their airplanes really clean. The only bug-a-boo I encountered was of my own doing. I used Tamiya yellow tape to mask the windows and then affixed them to the inside of the fuselage, figuring I could just take a new No. 11 blade and scribe around the inside of the window and peel away the tape after painting. It didn’t work out so well. Guess I should have used the same method as the observation dome and masked it from the outside. Lesson learned.
I painted the entire aircraft MM Intermediate Blue – I was thinking about painting the undersides a light flat gray or white, but I figured I’d better quit before I did something that couldn’t be un-done. Had I known this kit was gonna go together as well as it did, it wouldn’t have languished in the pile so many weeks. Once I get started, I’m steady at it ’til it’s finished. Only took 3 days. But….closing everything up sped up the assembly process quite a bit. I think I’m free from my modelin’ “funk” now. Later.

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14 responses to The Admiral’s “Hack”

  1. Very cool concept Craig, I can see some admiral tooling around the pacific in it.

  2. Nicely Done there, C from D.

  3. I’m all for different. Plan well executed. Looks great

  4. Hi craig,very nice work, the display stand looks very good – what is it?,

    • It’s not really a ‘display stand’, per se, Neil (although it most definitely can be used as such). It’s a pose-able stand used for holding your work – whatever it may be – in order to get at those hard-to-reach places while working with both hands, or even painting if you don’t mind painting your “display stand”. Each leg of the tripod is completely adjustable – side-to-side & back-to-front – just not up and down. Although they make them in four different height sizes (I have all 4), When I got them, they were available through Micro-Mark, but they no longer offer them. They’re still out there, but you’d have to do a search for ’em.

  5. Nice work Craig, I love the Ventura, and you did a nice job on this one. Nice overall finish, very clean. What color did you use? I can’t help but notice its similarity to your wall color.

  6. I like it, a lot! That’s a cool project Craig. I always enjoying that sort of thinking, it really livens up the seemingly endless rows of Mustangs and 109s and T-bolts! I need a “low impact” model project to get my butt back in gear. I’m currently in a bit of a “slump” too. A simple paint scheme and an uncomplicated build is just what I need at the moment. I’m eying the Revell 1/48 A6E TRAM for that…

  7. Craig…… You certainly illustrate how to have fun with this hobby. Your model is nicely done and to most observers, it looks like a legitimate paint scheme. Only the builder knows for sure……

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