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Today’s Stuff

April 28, 2013 in Show Reports

Here some photos taken today in 25th Plastic Model Aircraft Contest organised by Turkish Air Force Academy in Istanbul. Happy modelling.


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7 responses to Today’s Stuff

  1. Winners, each and every one. That “modeler’s bench” diorama is way over the top in regard to innovation and the T-38 is striking! Glad I don’t have be a judge at THAT show….wow!

  2. Lots of nice models! My favorite has to be the Thunderstreak though, I dig both the aircraft and the model!



  3. I love the little workbench dio but there is a glaring error,and I don’t mean that he wasted his money on one of those awful PM kits, oh no it’s something else, the first one to spot it gets a free pint on me in my local!!

  4. No its easier than that , if you look at the airbrush which is tilted you will see that the paint in the jar is apparently defying the law of gravity!! .I’d love to know how he did the glove though.
    Cheers N.

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