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1/32nd Hasegawa FW-190-D9

May 23, 2013 in Aviation

Built some time back, this particular Luftwaffe bird came out pretty well for a fumbly-fingered old guy – me. The colors are probably wrong, but hey – who knows…there might have been a paint scheme like this, right?
I used MM rattle cans and created the “pattern” by first spraying a base coat and then (get this) – used my patented method of spraying paint through a hole ripped (not cut) into an old greeting card. Seemed to work out ok. I guess.

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6 responses to 1/32nd Hasegawa FW-190-D9

  1. i think it’s gorgeous and deadly looking

  2. Hi Craig, I like the way you did the top wing camo application here. . As Bod stated the FW190 D simply looks “Deadly”…and it was in the hands of an Experten.

  3. very nice Craig and your right who knows what they did in the field for camo I wouldn’t be surprised at all if there was one just like this only bigger great job

  4. Well done Craig. As Steven says who knows what was done in the field. Like your greeting card approach.

  5. Great Dora Craig, lots of nice detail displayed on the undersides. The camo looks good – bit winter like!

  6. Sharp…..very nice build indeed!

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