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Academy 48th F-4B Phantom

Some of you may recall I didn’t think this kit lived up to all the hype that preceded it. Of course, my whining could be attributed to the fact that I didn’t possess enough talent to make it a “good” build. There were/are, in my opinion, ‘issues’ that my limited skills could not overcome satisfactorily. The short list is the landing gear, fit of the canopy pieces and the seats. This is why I’m not including any pics of the underside. Besides, there’s not the first store or decal to be found if one were to turn it over. I’m not completely finished with this yet. Yesterday, I took off the shelf of doom, where it had rested for about a month. I was in a decaling mood (sort of) so I got started and finally stopped a little while ago. And, no…’s not “accurate”. I don’t like sharks’ teeth decals on anything but a P-40 (ok….maybe an A-10). Nor did I specifically adhere to the decal placement instructions….exactly. Technically, I suppose this would be more appropriate under a “what-if”, but I did it my way (thanks, Frank). But other than you guys, nobody would know the difference anyhow. I build for my own enjoyment/relaxation. So there ya have it. A [colorful] model airplane that could pass for a Phantom.

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18 responses to Academy 48th F-4B Phantom

  1. Craig .. don’t “sell yourself short” .. this is an AWESOME job thing, though .. and I do that sometimes …where are the running lights on the wings ?? As usual .. another GOOD build !!!!

  2. Thanks Ray… I said, it’s kind of a “work in progress” – the nav lights you mentioned, various antennas, underwing pylons/stores, additional decals ( a boatload of stinkin’ decals) – all yet to be added.

  3. Spectacular build, Craig! I really have the urge to give in and buy one of these Academy Phantoms, especially after seeing yours.

  4. Looks great to me Craig! And I am a Phantom phanatic! Great job

  5. Looks close enough to a Phantom to my eyes. On the other hand I’m from Sweden so what do I know 🙂 ?

    Nice one Craig!



  6. Dude!!! looks fabulous…much better work than I can do…outstanding job. I have the Hasegawa B model that will eventully be a VF-84 Jolly Rogers bird.

  7. Ithink you have done a fine job looks fantastic keep us posted I have this kit in the stash love navy phantoms in grey and white the decals in this kit seem overwhellming

  8. Looks like a clean, well-fitting build. Good job. Thanks for sharing

  9. I think you did a very nice job on it!!!

  10. Tom said on May 28, 2013

    What’s up with the vertical stab?

  11. super job…a fine addition to your collection

  12. Much better than anything I have built (or attempted to build)!

  13. Thanks for all the kind comments, gentlemen (despite my apparent ineptness and oversights). BTW, the tail fin, antennas and lights have since been added/corrected. Still no armament, though…. 🙁

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