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Airfix Bristol bloodhound 1/ 72

May 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

I was inspired to attempt this ancient kit after seeing one on the Airfix tribute forum built by a much better modeller than me,This kit is VERY basic with no interior ,no glazing and only a couple of decals. In order to improve it I added glazing from some food packaging to the Landy and some mirrors which are slightly over scale from a toy car ,the whip airiel is a stray whisker from my gorgeous german shepard Kim (donated willingly I must add!!), the missile launcher got some hoses and the whole set got some spurious stencils from the spares box.I loved this little set and intend to do a few more at some point, although the Sam 2 goes for silly money in the U.K. I may bite the bullet and get one to go next to it on the shelf.
Your comments please,N.

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3 responses to Airfix Bristol bloodhound 1/ 72

  1. Reminds of the time (goin’ in the “way-back machine”, now), when I built models of the Hawk AA missles – actually, IIRC, thet WERE made by ‘Hawk’ and the Revell(?) Snark w/launcher [which you can still get] – I may be strainin’ the few brain cells I have left, but weren’t there also kits of the Nike?
    Nice job on such a small scale.

  2. Renwal issued the Nike Ajax and Hercules. Revell has repopped both at least once in the History makers Series. Adios, Larry.

  3. Nice rendition of the Bloodhound Neil. Have you tried Kingkit for the Airfix SAM 2? They have loads of old Airfix stuff.

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