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Chino flight line

May 5, 2013 in Show Reports

There weren’t just P-38s at the show yesterday. Among others not seen previously were a newly-restored P-51C in the markings of Duane Beeson’s “Boise Bee” (makes sense – the airplane lives at Boise and Beeson was from Boise), a P-63A Kingcobra, and a Spitfire XIV. Also present was the Commemorative Air Force’s A6M3 Model 22 Zero (powered by a P&W R-1830), the new-build Fw-190A-8 (powered by an R-2800), and the newest early P-40 restoration, the P-40C done as an early P-40. The Seversky AT-12 (2-seat P-35) was next to its big brother the P-47G razorback.

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  1. Nice photos, Tom.

  2. some real beauties there

  3. Inetersting how the Spitfire looks a bit like an odd design in this long line of American fighters.

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