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Cylon Raider’s got it’s eye on you

May 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

This is the Moebius 1/32 scale Cylon Raider from the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica TV series.It represents the Raider shown in later seasons of the series, and is so different from the raiders shown in the early seasons, I resisted adding “Star Buck” to the undersides to avoid distressing my fellow BSG
The kit itself consists of 23 parts including the 2 part stand. It went together quickly with no fit problems, and was built straight from the box, except for the FTL drive which I lost and replaced with a rhinestone that added a nice effect.
I spent far more time painting than building. My goal was to replicate the distressed finish shown in the instructions, rather than a smooth metal look.
I used Tamiya TS-38 Gunmetal straight from the rattlecan as the base, then used Alclad white aluminum & magnesium applied in a “mottled” effect as the main colors. Then various shades of Alclad and Testors Metalizers were used to add interest to the finish.
Thanks for looking.
Rick Wilkes

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  1. Great! Shiny and nice.

  2. very nice I like it

  3. At first glance, I thought posted a futuristic kitchen faucet. :0

  4. Very nice Toaster!

  5. Looks good. Must be a portable toaster. I don’t see a cord.
    Always good to see something away from the mainstream.

  6. Really nice.

  7. That’s Frakin’ Cool! I like the paint job on that!

  8. Thanks for the comments, I appreciate them.

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