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Hobby Boss LST in 48th scale….

May 13, 2013 in Ships

This was a pretty straightforward build, being rather ‘boxy’ with no fit issues with which to contend. It is, as you can see, devoid of any cargo at the present (human or otherwise). I’ll have to scrounge around for some [appropriate] 48th scale figures – maybe – you know how I hate painting figures. I do have a 48th scale Tamiya Sherman tank which will eventually fill the hold (or close to it).
To replicate some quick water (hey….at least I tried to make it presentable) I crinkled up some blank paper and sprayed with MM GSB and a little other color(s). In short, a “quickie” (4-5 days) to feed the sickness.

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11 responses to Hobby Boss LST in 48th scale….

  1. nice job…i can hear the bullets hitting the sides and feel the terror

  2. Good job. Interesting choice of subject matter.
    You can tell you don’t have a load. Your not drawing any water.

  3. Craig you have inspired me im going to dust off my kit and put her in line for a build with my Sherman as well. Love the weathering great job

  4. Very interesting Craig. Those loom large in history. I’m just glad I never had to ride in one. Yes, the weathering is cool.

  5. Only one small ‘glitch that’s an LCT, an LST is a huge ship.

  6. LCM=Landing Craft Mechanized

  7. Craig .. I had another Uncle that DID “ride” in one of those .. I wish he could see this model … the details are unreal …even down to the weathering of the bottom “hold” inside … the word fantastic isn’t enough !!!

    • Thanks very much for your kind words, Ray – I appreciate you taking the time to reply. Even though I DID enjoy this build, I have to admit I’ve seen much better work on the same kit. I probably could have done a little better myself, had I spent more time and effort during the process. I have this bad habit of rushing my work the nearer I get to completing it. Again, thanks for the words of encouragement.

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