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I’m a happy modeller…

May 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

Hi all,

Yesterday I’ve received this beautiful box with some lovely contents! how fast was that! Once again I’ll like to thank iModeler and everyone involved on choosing my Chen Yuen and Z30 work as best of April.
The Kits are superb and I hope to do a good job with them.
Thanks mates!

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6 responses to I’m a happy modeller…

  1. Congrats….can’t go wrong with Tamiya kits, Jorge…and speaking of “wrong”, what’s ‘wrong’ with those photos…? Give up?
    That [workbench] is waaaaaay too clean. And organized. And neat.
    That ain’t right, dude. So where do you REALLY put models together?

  2. Well deserved Jorge, I agree with you about your work station, “a tidy ship is a happy ship” right ?.

  3. Very cool, thanks for sharing. Glad for the speedy delivery, too!

  4. You earned every one of those kits. As for the work area mine usually looks something like that when I finish a kit & do a little house cleaning. That open window does make me envious. My area is down in the basement but the plus side is I’ve got it to myself due to “Spiders”

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