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Luftwaffe F-104

May 9, 2013 in Aviation

This is another kit I built because I liked the markings.
1/72 Hasegawa F-104. Pretty much OOB. Only thing to watch for is a step when mating the front section to the rear of the fuselage. I’d recommend gluing the front sides to the rears, then side to side in the traditional method. You will be fighting the step otherwise. You might still need to shim the front..
Always heard that Hasegawa decals were a bear but these went on like a dream.
BTW, no extra charge for the backround scenery.

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5 responses to Luftwaffe F-104

  1. Very nice Al!…and a great looking plane!


  2. Excellent Starfighter Al – love it in the Luftwaffe markings and camo.

  3. Beautiful Starfighter and nice markings. I increasingly find myself picking my subjects because I like a particular kit, as opposed to going by my sentiment for full-size aircraft.

    I found Hasegawa’s decals at least acceptable in most circumstances, with the limitation that the “white” in their decals is way too yellow for my taste.

  4. Wow, fantastic job, F104 looked amazing pity they were so deadly to fly,I really must have one of these.

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