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Monogram Pro Modeler SB2C Helldiver

May 27, 2013 in Aviation

The Pro Modeler kits are pretty good built this oob of course it did come with PE and Resin so I guess oob isn’t exactly accurate This is a fictisous squadron late in the war

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4 responses to Monogram Pro Modeler SB2C Helldiver

  1. Steve, make sure you bring this out to Chino on Saturday, with all your USN WWII carrier planes!

  2. Great work, Steven! I have this kit in the stash myself.

  3. Steve .. MAN-O-MAN … love the beautiful detail work …an AWESOME model .. the cock-pit, crew station, underneath wheel wells … all this plane NEEDS now is a crew climbing aboard, and someone standing along-side with a fire bottle, to be melodramatic !!! GREAT photos !!! You did yourself GOOD !!! I imagine there was a lot of “ooohs-AAHHS” at Chino, on this QUALITY example !!!

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