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Most taken in Kissimmee at Stallion51…others from various venues throughout the years…

Just thought you might enjoy the slide show off pristine aircraft I was fortunate enough to visit. – you could literally eat off the floor where those Mustangs,et al were hangared.

23 additional images. Click to enlarge.

10 responses to Most taken in Kissimmee at Stallion51…others from various venues throughout the years…

  1. Thanks for posting these pics Craig,Is this place a museum or are these aircraft privately owned, they are stunning to look at and very useful as I am about to start building two Tamiya Mustangs, I was told recently that on BMF Mustangs the wings were painted silver and that seems to be the case here.This might sound odd but the Spit and Crazy Horse2 seem almost too clean.

  2. Incredible. Wonder if (or how) they clean the tires before rolling the a/c into the hangar… not a trace of dust on them.

  3. Superb – love the P-38! One thing tho’ hasn’t the Spitfire got its greys mixed up? The underside colour looks to me like it should be on the upper surfaces, with the lighter grey underneath.

    • I think Gregor has a good point about the colours on the spitfire they do look a little odd, although you would think if someone has the cash to buy a Spitfire they would get the colours right- does anyone else out there have any thoughts on this ?

    • Yeah, that Spitfire looks pretty odd to me too. Not only the exterior colors, but the interior color also. The interior looks like British Sky Type “S”. Of course it is my opinion that if someone has the cash to buy a Spitfire, they can paint it whatever color they want.

  4. is not really a ‘museum’, per se. I believe they’re privately owned and perform in airshows. The 2-place Mustang is available for rides (last I knew it was like $3000/hr).
    It’s only about 200 yards down the tarmac from
    where I took those T-6 flights (a more manageable $400/hr).
    I wandered down there and asked if I could take some pictures – it’s not normally open to the public as far as I know.

  5. I think that Spitfire was painted by a previous UK owner who had some interesting ideas about Spitfire schemes. If you have the heart click here:

    And scroll down to the blue two seater.

    But the good news is that the airplane in Craig’s pictures has since been refinished is a more accurate scheme.

  6. What P-38 is that???

    • Well….it’s obviously a restoration of Mac MacDonald’s Pacific ride “Putt Putt Maru”. But it was taken almost 8 years ago, so it may not be in FL any longer and it may also have been re-painted by a new owner….in CA, for example (lol).
      So as to “What P-38 is that…?” – I don’t have a definitive answer.

  7. “Putt Putt Maru” is now “Thoughts of Midnight.”

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