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Ode to a little black and white dog…….

May 27, 2013 in Aviation

This is my latest build. The old Revell, 1:32, Hawker Typhoon Mk.1b.
Used the Techmod decals (the Revell ones were cr*p) and the vac-form Squadron bubbletop canopy. The aluminium Mark III rails and their SAP/HE 60 lbs rockets are scratchbuild, made of Evergreen rods, strips, electric wire and 1:48 scale G4M1 Betty bombs.
Yep, I know there are a few mistakes…..
The markings are fictional, tail-code and the “pin-up” dog is hand painted as an ode to my dog which passed away in january.
Hope you like it…..

Best regards;

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14 responses to Ode to a little black and white dog…….

  1. Very nice job Ulrich I really like Jasper…….Sorry for your loss

  2. superb ulrich! i like you kept the raised rivet detail. great model.

  3. Spectacular work, Ulrich…..very nice (Jasper lives on).

  4. Ulrich, diesels Taifun schaut perfekt aus! Is my German correct? It looks perfect!

  5. Excuse me, spell check gave me diesels instead of dieses!

  6. Ulrich… You did Jasper proud. I really like the weathering. Cool model all around.

  7. I love old kits done as well as this, fantastic!

  8. Well done!, building the older Revell’s 32nd kits were fun while growing, I think I built the BF-110 if I remember right. Sehr Gut! Nice touch and tribute to Jaspar.

    Fly Navy

  9. To all of you thanks for the compliments!

  10. Funny you should post this kit as I have been considering this kit for my next project. I have an aftermarket cockpit, propeller, and exhaust but I cannot seem to get a hold of a bubble top canopy, so I guess I have to build a car door version. Anyway, excellent work on a not so easy to build kit.

  11. stunning piece of work…knocked it out of the ball park

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