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Old Revell P-47

May 22, 2013 in Aviation

Thanks for the welcome, everyone, I sure appreciate it!

Felt kind of funny not having anything to show, so I decided to load these pics of a 1/32 Revell P-47D that I did a while back. The build took twenty something years, and is chronicled in an article I wrote on LSP after I finished the model. She’s built straight OOB except for a set of Rutman wheels. Decals are from an old Superscale sheet.

If anyone is interested, the article is here:

My current project is a Mongram 1/48 A-26C Invader finished in Korean War markings. Just got that one painted and will post some pics after I get a little further along. That one has only taken 11 years to this point….

1 additional image.

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6 responses to Old Revell P-47

  1. Saw this behemoth in Seattle a few years back – most don’t appreciate the size of the Jug until they stand beside one. Nice job.

  2. you did a fine job on that…those checks can be a bear

  3. hey did you sneek in my house enlarge my 1\48 version of this then put it back lol I have the same kit in 48 markings and all looks really good

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