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Revell 1/48th EA-6A Wild Weasel

May 25, 2013 in Aviation

Well shoot….now that I’ve taken the pictures, I see I have some “tweaking” to do. I can see some mistakes, omissions and common flubs…as usual.
The paint is overall Tamiya gray primer over Tamiya white primer. Some brushed on Future in the decal positions and then some fictitious markings. Mostly.
Home-made ‘tarmac’ bordered by black cardboard under a desk lamp. Used my trusty little Nikon 8800 CoolPix rather than pull out the Canon “Mac-Daddy” behemoth I keep in the gun safe. Close enough for model work, I guess.
Clearly not the best build I’ve done, but I’m pretty close to stickin’ a fork in it and movin’ on. Got a Tamiya 48th scale P-47 Razorback up next and then it’s on to the 3 F4U-1 ‘birdcage” Corsairs. I still got that KittyHawk F-35B, but I’m hopin’ to get all the clumsiness outta the way first – don’t wanna mess that one up.

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11 responses to Revell 1/48th EA-6A Wild Weasel

  1. Looks pretty nice to me. Lots of hard work paid off nicely!

  2. Nice work. Don’t you just hate the digital eyeball. S****r never lies.

  3. Looks good from here Craig! Thanks for the inspiration, will help me finish my big Intruder/Prowler/Growler build

  4. Good job-looking forward to the F-35.

  5. Looks good from here.
    (That’s why I don’t take photos of mine, my fading Mk.1 eyeballs can lie to me all day long & I won’t know the difference, LOL)

  6. Thank you one and all for the kind words of encouragement. They’re appreciated.

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