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Tamiya Mitsubishi Betty bomber

May 27, 2013 in Aviation

As always Tamiya is awesome this kit is smooooooth and fun love the detail and fit Built oob no need for AM parts

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5 responses to Tamiya Mitsubishi Betty bomber

  1. Good job! I’ve build the Tamiya Betty too. Can be seen somewhere here on Imodeler….
    One of the easiest build I have ever made! ( except for the masking of the clear parts, bought the Eduard mask for it but it was c**p and had to do it with ordinary masking tape……was a PITA to do….)

  2. Steve, I have that kit but haven’t built it yet. When I do, I hope to nail the colors and complete kit as you have. Great job!

  3. I can see what you mean about masking the clear parts. Does everyone use Tamiya masking tape?

  4. thanks all for the comments I didn’t use any tape to mask canopy frames it was too much I did it free hand the eduard mask set isn’t too good should have used Tamiya tape but tried it free hand

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