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Tamiya’s Sea Harrier FRS.1 in 1/48 scale.

May 21, 2013 in Aviation

One of my favourite aircraft, the Sea Harrier; however the only kits in 1/48 are a bit dated, with raised panel lines & pretty much lacking in general detail. Since I rarely use after market products I resolved to fix the shortcomings myself. The basic shape seemed OK so I set to by removing all raised detai except for the wing spoilers, which I thinned down.
I rescribed all panel lines, opened up the auxiliary intakes, installed interiors for both wheel wells & air brake housing, opened up all air scoops & finally installed replacement vanes in all four jet exhausts. The pilot did get a new resin seat, but all the rest of the refinements are scratch built. The paint is Gunze & the decals came from Xtradecal.
I really enjoyed building the Sea Harrier.
I hope you like it

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3 responses to Tamiya’s Sea Harrier FRS.1 in 1/48 scale.

  1. Your SEHAR looks great Tony. I really like the finish you’ve achieved overall on this one.

  2. Nice job as always, Tony…..

  3. Looks great Tony I like the subtle panel line high lights and great work in the bays with scratch work I Like It

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