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1/48 Hasegawa Macchi c205 Veltro

June 10, 2013 in Aviation

This is my latest piece. This Veltro is a late war co-belligerent forces fighter from early 1945 serving with south Italy allied movement

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6 responses to 1/48 Hasegawa Macchi c205 Veltro

  1. Nice one Steven! Good job on the finish – like the exhaust staining on the fuselage.

  2. You hit my soft spot with Italian aircraft. Well done on the camo.

  3. thanks everyone for the nice comments

  4. How did you do the smoke rings – paint or decal? It’s interesting that you have the “uneven application” look that’s probably most accurate, since I have heard those were applied by 2-3 guys working with spray guns independently of each other on the real ones.

    • Tom the smoke rings are decal my kit came with carto graf rings I went back and forth trying to decide what to do I finaly took the easy road….so I thought the decals took over 4 hours were a pain but I think they look great my research showed every single c205 looked different so when I applied them I kept that in mind and tried to be very random with placement im glad you like it

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