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Aurora SBC-3 Helldiver

June 7, 2013 in Aviation

Out of the box expect for the prop which was lost, raised detail removed and marking from Yellow Wings Decal sheet for the movie Dive Bomber. Purchased in 1984 finished in 2007.

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15 responses to Aurora SBC-3 Helldiver

  1. Nice work! That’s something we don’t see everyday.

  2. Stellar build, Rick….that looks great!

  3. Good looking “Silver Wings” aircraft

  4. beautiful…i can see king kong swatting at them right now

  5. Knowing full well what this kit looked like in the box, you did a magnificent job. I wish this a/c would be re-done in 1/48 up to todays standards. Also your space stuff is “out of this world” …… Sorry, it begged to be said.

  6. great job on a tough kit and thanks Frank I was gonna say that lol

  7. Thanks for the kind words guys, I appreciate it

  8. Why on earth would you waste your time on such an old….wait a minute…that looks like a nice airplane model. In fact it looks like a nice representation of a Helldiver. And I’ll bet you had FUN doing it, too, didn’t ya? NICE

  9. Thinking back to what came in the box, that model is EXCELLENT.

  10. Outstanding work, Rick! I wish I could find one of these old Aurora kits. I think I’d rather try building one of these than tackling the Classic Airframes SBC in my stash…

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