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Ceeping it Cobra-my kid’s P-400

June 26, 2013 in Aviation

Built a couple years ago, by my son Kyle. Hasegawa’s nice 1/48 offering. an early New Guinea warrior. The P-400 being the designation for the British “reposessed” P-39’s. The adoring pilots of these called them a “P-40 with a Zero on it’s tail.” Things would improve. I dunno, but I think Hasegawa has the winner.

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4 responses to Ceeping it Cobra-my kid’s P-400

  1. Once again, Kyle stomps everyone’s guts out with another immaculate build and perfect finish. Highly competent decal work demonstrated on this one and the paint work- color choices, consistent feathering, and subtle shading- is very fetching.

  2. Training-it’s all training. 🙂

    • Hmmmm…. I coulda sworn I posted this comment yesterday… guess it didn’t stick for some reason. In any event, I’m thinking it’s genetic- the apple fell close to the tree here. And by that I don’t mean to diminish the abilities of the apple. Kyle, you are a talented modeler in your own right and giving your pops a run for the money. Very, very nice work!

  3. Wow! Very nice, your boys a chip of the old block Bill:-)

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