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FM-2 of VC-93 aboard USS Petrof, 1945

June 30, 2013 in Aviation

This represents an FM-2 aboard USS Petrof during 1945. I have no information as to the pilot or if in fact it was ever assigned to an individual pilot. FM-2’s came late in the war and flew off Jeep carriers. I built it OOB from the Hobby Boss kit. When I do another one, and I will, I will use the Squadron aftermarket canopy for the sliding portion. Over all I think the kit is excellent. I did this scheme because I am a s****r for four leaf clovers.

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5 responses to FM-2 of VC-93 aboard USS Petrof, 1945

  1. Very sharp looking paint / decal work. Good looking detail in the wheel well. Love the little flying barrel!

  2. I did that kit some time ago for a cousin of my Father. He and one of Dad’s younger brothers served together as plane handlers on the USS Makin Island in 1944 – 45.

  3. You did a great job on the model, so my comments about the kit are separate: HB seioulsy pooched the kit, giving the cowling the same chord as the others, which is seriously not accurate. If an accurate FM-2 is your goal, you should look into getting the Vector correction set, which does the front end right as to cowling and engine.

  4. Great collection of Wildcats, Frank….nice builds.

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