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In honor of D-Day: Priller’s Wurger

June 6, 2013 in Aviation

This is the 1/32 Hasegawa Fw-190A-8, done in the markings of Josef Priller, Kommodore of JG 26, the airplane in which he made his famous “strafing run” over Juno, Gold and Sword beaches on D-Day, the only appearance of the Luftwaffe that day.

The kit was modified by making the lightweight drop tank rack favored by JG 26.

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4 responses to In honor of D-Day: Priller’s Wurger

  1. Nice one Tom!



  2. Great Wurger. I always hoped it really went like it did on “The Longest Day”….”And would you mind telling me where this invasion is!?…….Hahahahah

  3. Another great looking German warplane, I love the way the yellow contrasts with the camoflage colours.

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