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There’s P-39’s and then there’s P-39’s…

June 26, 2013 in Aviation

As long as we’re all jumpin’ on the proverbial ‘bandwagon’, here’s one I’m ashamed to admit I built very early on (the first pic, of course) – and it was ALSO so bad that it’s now gone to Aircobra heaven [better known as the “round file”] ..don’t even know why I kept the photo.

Now that 2nd pic is what one SHOULD look like, along with Mr. Koppos’ build.

1 additional image.

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7 responses to There’s P-39’s and then there’s P-39’s…

  1. Is that the monogram kit Craig? It doesn’t look so bad to me! I too have “recycled” some of my not so good efforts to the round file :). More shelf space always required eh?

  2. Nice job on an old kit…. Now I’ll have to post my single ‘Cobra.

  3. Not sure where the “bad” is. Like the erosion down to the bare metal, especially on the drop tank.

  4. I wanna play…except I don’t have a P-39 any more….. 🙂

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