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1/48 Pegasus EZ Build FW-190

July 26, 2013 in Aviation

This started life as a club project, where everyone was to build a 1/48 Pegasus EZ Build kit, a snap-tite, any way we wanted to. This done in authentic Kreigsmarine A/C colors, with the obvious float added. Lots of fun, and some eyeballs rolled back !

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8 responses to 1/48 Pegasus EZ Build FW-190

  1. Different!!! Nicely done though. I bet you fun.

  2. More please !

  3. Nicely done !!

  4. Hilarious… Well done! And a nice touch with the extra vertical stabs, they would probably be needed. Can’t help but wonder how such a fighter would fare against the (real) Spitfire IX floatplane.

  5. Very creative, Joe- I like it! Are those the floats from the Monogram Kingfisher?

  6. Good eye ! A friend who was doing the Kingfisher on wheels, donated the floats. I’m glad you all enjoyed it !

  7. that’s a beauty

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