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1/48 Zvezda Bf-109F-2

July 17, 2013 in Aviation

The 1/48 Zvezda Bf-109F-2, using Lifelike Decals to do the airplane flown by Hans Phillip as 4 Staffel Kapitaen of II/JG 54 in 1941. Always liked the “lizard scheme” of camouflage JG 54 created.

Full review today over at Modeling Madness. The kit really is the best Bf-109F in 1/48 (the Hasegawa 1/32 Bf-109f being the all-time champ in that scale).

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14 responses to 1/48 Zvezda Bf-109F-2

  1. beautiful and elaborate scheme tom

  2. Wow Tom! You hit a home run there bud. I like it a lot. Believe it or not, I haven’t a single 109 in the display. Man, I gotta get busy…:)

  3. Really nice camo work. Once you get going with a 109, one just isn’t enough!

    • Yeah, that’s the thing with the darned things – there’s a ton of markings and schemes, and if you like painting and decaling (which I do) you’re a s****r for them.

  4. Another really good job, this month seems to 109 month, last month was 190!

  5. Excellent build as always, Tom!
    The Zvezda 109F series are superb, I have the F-4 version and hope to get to it sometime soon.

  6. Hey Tom,
    From one 109 addict to another; Great job- really like the paint scheme. I’m planning to replicate that paint scheme on the Has 1/32nd kit I recently picked up. After I finish off the K and G-2 I have in progress now… So many kits, so little time!

  7. Well done Tom! I like that paint scheme a lot and as an added bonus it is great fun to do with the airbrush!



  8. Nice job Tom! Great spray work. What airbrush did you use?

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